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Buying Stuff

How to get the most miles for the buck you are going to spend anyway.

I hate to shop. I never browse an internet site or a store just to see if there might be something there I might want to buy. I certainly would not buy something just to earn frequent flyer miles. That said, I do buy stuff. Once I decide on what I will buy, how much I will pay for it, and from whom I will buy it, I see no reason not to be smart enough to earn frequent flyer miles for making the purchase. The cost of those miles is built into the price, so I might as well get them.

First, if I can't make a deal for a cash discount, I always use a credit card that gives me frequent flyer miles whenever I can. Next, I receive extra miles for using the services below. And sometimes, using gift certificates, I can triple dip. (See the section to see how this can works.)


Shop On Line

Never go directly to a store's on line shopping web site. Always check to see if that store is listed with one of the on line shopping portals below. The portal gives miles or cash back, and you usually are offered the same price.

Find the best portal
Cash Back Portals
Airline Shopping Portals
Hotel and Amtrak Shopping Portals
Other Miles Earning Shopping Portals. Some of these often give the best deals. Don't miss reading about them.

Trick to Earn Miles Using “Pick Up in Store”. Usually if you order something online through an airline or cash back shopping portal, you pay shipping charges. But many stores will give you the miles or cash bonus and not charge you for shipping if you ship to your local store.


Find the Best Portal You don't have to check each portal to see if your store is listed. There are web sites that do this for you. Since offers change so frequently, they are almost always out of date (as is my website), so you might miss an occasional miles earning opportunity by relying on them. Use them only as a starting point for finding the best deal, and please send the webmasters info about any errors you find. They all seem quite serious about trying to keep their info up to date. Here are the websites:
  • . Andrew Cram's outstanding cross reference table, looking more like a fully fledged searchable database these days.
  • WebFlyer Mileage Mall Search . Search by mall, merchant, or category. Powered by evreward.
RewardsDB and FrequentFlier Mile Search also list cash back portals for comparison. Often the cash back is worth more than any miles you can receive. But be aware that
  • Cash back portals often have minimums you must earn before they will give you your money.
  • Cash back portals often charge a fee to give you your money.
  • Both cash back and miles portals will often delay crediting payment or miles for up to several months to accommodate merchants' return period. None will pay you until they are paid.
  • Some of the cash back programs also show coupon codes for discounts from the merchant. These offers usually are not listed on the cross reference website I list above. Serious shoppers must check with each cash back program to find these discounts.
  • Cash back portals often have referral programs by which you can earn money for referring people who then actually purchase something through the portal, at no cost to the person referred.
  • For any type of portal, you must first log in to get credit, then click to the merchant via the links within the portal, and then complete your order before going to any other website. Don't shop elsewhere until you have completed your order.


Cash Back Portals Below I list some of the better cash back portals, the ones that seem to me to offer the highest amounts of cash back. I suggest that you first use one, or better, all of the three cross reference websites I list above to find the best rebate. Then sign up for the rebate program. If the program you want to use is listed below, please use my link and/or instructions to sign up. By doing so, you help me at no cost to you. Thanks.
  • Giving Assistant
    • Often the best rebate rates. They say that 60% of the time they offer the highest cash back rates.
    • Gives a portion of its profits to charity.
    • All payments via PayPal, debit card, or check. The fastest is debit card when it is working. PayPal can have a delay of up to 2 months, and check up to 4 months.
    • You can shop by store or category.
    • $5/referral, after the person you refer spends $5 via Giving Assistant.
    • Please use this link to sign up. This will help me at no cost to you. Thanks.
  • TopCashBack
    • Often the best rebate rates.
    • Very good rebates for Amazon purchases in select categories. Up to 8% as of November 2, 2014.
    • Especially good is the travel section. Ten pages of popular merchants are listed. I found discounts of up to 15%
    • All payments via ACH, PayPal, or Amazon gift card (with a 2.5% bonus).
    • Payments upon your request - 1 cent minimum.
    • You can shop by store or category.
    • $10/referral, after the person you refer spends $10 via topcashback.
    • Matches competitors cash back rebates subject to a few simple terms and conditions. Cash Back rates will be matched when offered by the following Cash Back websites; Befrugal, Ebates, Extrabux, Fat Wallet, Mr Rebates and shopathome.
    • Please use this link to sign up. This will get you a $5 bonus (after a mimimum spend, usually $5 or $10) and help me at no cost to you. Thanks.
  • MainStreetSHARES
    • Formerly BigCrumbs
    • Confusing rebate program. May be competitive, or not. Instead of cash back, you earn a share of all company revenue based on your total spending. This includes shopping commissions, advertising, and new revenue streams as the company adds products and services. MainStreetSHARES® members also earn lifetime referral commissions when their referrals shop. Also you will earn virtual shares called msSHARES® when you and your referrals shop through MainStreetSHARES®. In the event that MainStreetSHARES® is acquired, you'll receive a cash payout, based on the number of msSHARES® you've earned.
  • Mr. Rebates
    • $10 minimum to receive payment.
    • No fee for payment that I can see.
    • Payments monthly by check or PayPal, when you request it.
    • Referral program.
    • You can shop by store, category, or specific product.
    • Please use this link to sign up. Also, please be sure that appears in the Referral Email Address box near the bottom of the form. This will help me at no cost to you. Thanks.
    • $10 Sign Up Bonus
    • Rebates for purchases (they say average 7%), plus an extensive listing of coupons.
    • $25 minimum to receive payment.
    • No fee for payment that I can see.
    • Payments by check or PayPal, when you request it.
    • Referral program - $5/referral, or $10/referral if 3 or more referrals. Referral payments are processed once/quarter.
    • Please use this link to sign up. This will help me at no cost to you, even if you buy nothing. Thanks.
  • Great Canadian Rebates
    • For Canadian shoppers only.
    • Referral program.
    • $3 minimum for payout.
    • Cash Back Rebates are paid every two months by cheque or can be directly deposited into your PayPal account.
  • Swagbucks

    Given that you can use the points from Swagbucks to acquire gift cards, cash credit to PayPal, or gift cards for a large number of merchants, sometimes the Swagbucks shopping portal is a good deal. For example, it lists as one of its merchants, but for only certain categories of purchases which change each month. Click on my link above to read about this excellent program and the many ways you can very easily earn points "Bucks" for doing almost nothing.

    • If you have the excellent Ink Bold® Business Card or the Ink Plus® Business Card, you can earn 5 Chase Ultimate Rewards points/$1 spent at Amazon buy buying its gift cards at an office supply store like Office Depot, OfficeMax, or Staples.
    • gift cards can be purchased at Walgreens and probably other drug stores. Useful if your cash back credit card category for this quarter includes same.
    • topcashback lists Up to 8.5% cash back in select categories as of November 7, 2015.
    • Mr. Rebates lists 3% cash back on October 30, 2014.
    • is listed in the shopping section of Swagbucks. Points are awarded for purchases in certain Amazon departments which change each month. On March 22, 2018,, 5 points/$1 were offered, which is equivalent to 5.68% if you use the points to purchase the $25 Amazon gift card. Swagbucks is my favorite program for earning cash for doing easy things, though not necessarily for shopping.
    • MyPoints now lists on its shopping portal. Points are given for purchases in certain Amazon departments, which change each month. Points from MyPoints can get you miles on United Airlines, points from Marriott, or gift certificates from a very large number of merchants. First join MyPoints (for a possible bonus), then go to and put in the search field, and then click on SEARCH MYPOINTS. Clicking on numerous emails from MyPoints gets you very easy points which add up quickly for awards. It is my favorite Miles for Clicking program.
    • Cash back to Tamalpais High School from I retired as a math teacher from Tamalpais High school more years ago than I care to admit. Apparently the school has a rather amazing deal wherein it receives 10% of the amount you purchase (all purchases and not just the books!). As a former math teacher, I do hope there is not a decimal point error there. But if you have no better way to shop at Amazon, this method is well worth doing. Tam High is a very good school.
      • Info. Link.
      • I hope this is only one of many educational opportunities for support of schools by Amazon. Please check the website of your school and school district, and tell me of any similar offers you find. Please include a link to the offer, so I can list it here. Thanks.
    • Sierra Club. Cash back to Sierra Club from Various chapters of the Sierra Club have can earn a bit of money if you shop through their links, at no extra cost to you. in my younger days I led Sierra Club backpacking and hiking trips for 25 years, so this cause is near to my heart.
    • will donate 0.5% of the value of your purchase to your choice of a very large number of charities. Just shop through AmazonSmile.
Here is some really good advice from SmarterTravel's excellent article on earning miles for shopping on line. It applies to cash back portals, too.
"Once you've logged in to the mall via the airline's website, you need to make sure to start and finish shopping in the same window if you wish to collect miles. If you open another window to comparison shop, or go to another site and then come back, you may lose your connection with the mileage mall and forfeit your chance to earn miles. When in doubt, re-enter the online store through the airline's site before adding items to your shopping cart, so you can be certain that your frequent flier number was captured and you'll be eligible for miles."


Airline Shopping Portals Some of the airlines have their own shopping programs.

American Airlines

  • Register your credit or debit cards to earn miles for shopping at selected offline retailers and catalogs. This appears to be a good double dip opportunity.
  • is one of the merchants listed here. Incredibly, you can buy a gift certificate from for American Airlines here, thus providing a wonderful opportunity to triple dip. See my writeup above on how to do this.

  • Retail and Gifts page. If my link to this doesn't work, go to, then in the left menu hover over AAdvantage > Partners & Mileage Programs, and click on Retail and Gifts.

  • AAdvantage eShopping mall Canada.

Delta Airlines Mall.

United Airlines Mileage Plus Shopping

Alaska Airlines

Southwest Airlines

Hawaiian Airlines


  • To access the ShopTrue mall, log on to your TrueBlue account and click the ShopTrue link located on the TrueBlue summary page.

Virgin America

Spirit Airlines.

Air Canada Aeroplan.

British Airways.

  • Choose to see retailers in either the U.S. or the U.K. by clicking on the location in the upper right corner to open the choose your language and location pannel.

Virgin Atlantic.


All Nippon Airways.


Hotel and Amtrak Shopping Portals Some of the hotel chains have their own shopping programs.

The ChoicePrivileges Mall offers Choice Hotels points for purchases. Points convert to miles on many airlines. is one of the merchants listed here. See my writeup below on how to use these certificates to triple dip on miles. You may read about the ChoicePrivileges program in the Points to Miles, esp. Hotels, section of my Other Programs I Like page.

The Marriott Rewards Mall offers Marriott Rewards points for purchases. Points convert to miles on many airlines. is one of the merchants listed here. See my writeup below on how to use these certificates to triple dip on miles.

Marriott has a shopping app and toolbar. View from the Wing explains.

Hilton Hotels lists two places for shopping online that earn Hilton HHonors points:

Wyndham Hotel's Wyndham Rewards has a shop online page featuring a few familiar merchants. Points vary, but are not impressive. Probably you could do better most anywhere else.

  • 2X points through July 15, 2019.

Amtrak Mall.


Other Online Shopping Programs Be sure to read the information in the section on how to double and triple dip.

All of the Miles for Clicking programs, described in the Click for Miles, Money, and Good Causes section of this web site offer points for shopping. MyPoints is particularly good.


Ultimate Rewards Shopping Portal If you are earning Ultimate Rewards points from cards earning Ultimate Rewards Points, be sure to check out the shopping deals on the Ultimate Rewards website in its shopping section. Log in, then click on Earn Points in the menu to the left, then on Shop the Ultimate Rewards Mall. People rave about the mega extra point given for shopping at certain popular merchants. On January 25, 2012, I saw on deal for 25 extra points/$1 spent, a few for 15 and several 10 points extra, and a very large number of merchants with extra points for purchase. The number of points from specific merchants vary over time. is listed here.


Barclaycard Shopping Portal If you are earning points from Barclaycards, especially the excellent Barclaycard Arrival World MasterCard, be sure to check out the shopping deals on Barclay's shopping portal. I see some very good offers here. The number of points from specific merchants vary over time. is listed here, giving a triple dip opportunity. Note: For comparison purposes, is a member of the Citi Dividend Merchant Network, offering 4% cash back on purchases last I looked. You may access this network by acquiring a Citi Dividend Platinum Select MasterCard, which you may read about in the Cash Back Cards section of the Free Cards page of my Credit Card section.

Here is a way to earn miles in two and possibly three places for one purchase. It is also a way to receive the most miles for your purchase for some vendors.

  1. Find on a shopping portal that offers miles. Andrew Cram's maintains a pretty good list of these portals, so I will no longer maintain a list here. Often the miles you earn here will exceed the miles you would receive by shopping directly through a portal.
  2. Buy a gift certificate for yourself from them for the vendor from which you want to buy something. (This Flyertalk thread indicates there is now a $2 charge for electronic certificates, so this process will no longer be cost effective for small denomination certificates.)
  3. Find that vendor on a portal that offers miles and buy, using your gift certificate. (A reader tell me that there is no reason why this portal can't be the same one through which you bought the gift certificate.) It is possible, but not a sure bet, that you will receive miles from the portal, also.
  4. And of course, use your mileage producing credit card to make the purchase.
Special Notes on gift certificates for hotel chains:
  • If you go though the right shopping portal, you can buy gift certificates for varioius hotel chains. Log into your favorite miles or points producing portal listing, buy a gift certificate for a hotel stay at one of these properties, then use it for a stay. Earn miles or points for buying the certificate, using your credit card to do so, and for the stay itself.


ThanksAgain Register 1 - 5 credit cards with Thanks Again make purchases at local merchants listed with the program to earn miles or point from a large choice of airlines and hotels for the purchases.
  • Earn 5,000 bonus miles or 10,000 points when you spend $1,000 each calendar quarter.


S&H greenpoints The S&H greenpoints shopping portal has resumed offering miles as rewards again. 11,900 Greenpoints gets you 500 miles on Delta Airlines. (Search rewards for "miles".) This represents a devaluation from 8,900 points for the same thing earlier in 2007. Since Greenpoints has shown a willingness to devalue it points without warning, I recommend conversion of those points as soon as you have enough for what you want. For comparison shopping, 1 mile costs 23.8 points. Most of the merchants seem to be offering 20 points per dollar spent, which gets you a not very impressive 0.84 mile per dollar spent. The list of merchants is large and familiar. Posting of points and rewarding of miles has been reliable in the past. This company has been around for a long time. Your parents probably remember S&H Green Stamps at their grocery store. (And in fact, you still can earn greenpoints at some grocery stores.)

You may read about the Greenpoints program in the Points to Miles section of my Other Programs I Like page.


Newspaper and Magazine Subscriptions

Newspapers are now starting to offer miles for subscriptions, and you can buy both newspapers and magazines with miles, which could be a good use of orphan miles about to expire. I will list the offers I know about, but I rely on your with your local knowledge to
tell me about the offers, especially from newspapers in your area. Links, phone numbers, and/or offer codes appreciated. Thanks.


Earn Miles for Newspaper Subscriptions

I do not intend to check these links regularly, and will list offers only as they come to me without much effort on my part. Please tell me about dead links, changed offers, and new offers. Please provide links and/or phone numbers for the latter. Thanks.

Miles for a $1 subscription to the Wall Street Journal. Be sure to read the terms and conditions to know when to mark your calendar to cancel the subscription before it converts to a fully paid 1 year one. Up to 1,000 miles from a selection of airlines as of May 26, 2019.

Up to 2,000 miles from a selection of airlines for a $12 subscription to the Economist. Remember that you must time the cancellation properly, and that it appears that you must pay the full $12. Please tell me when this offer is gone. Thanks.


Earn Miles for Magazine Subscriptions

Please tell me of any offers you know about that offer miles for subscribing to magazines.


Redeem Miles for Newspaper and Magazine Subscriptions

Redeem miles for magazines or the Wall Street Journal or other newspapers through Miles for Magazines.


Automobile Purchase and Services

When I bought my Subaru Forester in 1999, I found many programs that offered mega-miles for buying through their referral services and for obtaining a loan for that purchase. However, none of them gave me a price that close enough to the lowest price I could find to make them worthwhile. Maybe you can be more lucky. Or perhaps you could negotiate a lower price or lower loan rate by offering to give up the miles. In April, 2002, a sales manager for a VW dealer told me that the 10,000 miles offered by the United Airlines program cost her $400. Wow! So offer $400 less to forgo the miles. See my section on Value of Miles to see why the 10,000 miles are nowhere near worth $400.

When I purchased the VW, I was able to put a substantial part of the price on my mileage producing credit card. I asked to do this after I negotiated the price, of course.

Please tell me about any particularly good miles producing auto buying, loan, or services programs you find. Thanks.

Note: Automobile loans and insurance offers can be found on my Finance page.


Automobile Purchase

You can usually find the programs through the web site of your favorite airline. Look for the partners of its frequent flyer program.
Here are the programs I know of. For all of these, I would negotiate the best price with the miles offer, then ask what what the price would be if I were to forgo the miles.
Buy or lease a new MINI at participating dealers in Alaska, Washington, Oregon or California and earn 25,000 Alaska Airlines miles. Offer says by December 31, 2018, but it was still online January 2, 2019. Ask. Restrictions apply. Details.

25,000 or 50,000 United Airlines miles for purchase of a used Mercedes-Benz. The bonus mileage offer and incentives on Certified Pre-Owned Mercedes-Benz vehicles are only available to members who are eligible MileagePlus members at the time of an eligible transaction. An eligible MileagePlus member is a member who is a U.S. resident and has been enrolled in the MileagePlus program for at least six (6) months prior to the time of accessing the bonus mileage offer and incentives, or if less than six (6) months, has flown at least one (1) flight eligible to earn miles since enrollment. I see no expiration date for this offer. Please tell me when it is gone. Thanks.


Grocery Stores

I rely on your with your local knowledge to tell me about the offers from grocery stores in your area. Thanks.


Safeway This flyertalk thread discusses getting miles or points from a large list of airlines and hotels by having groceries delivered from Safeway. Apparently there is a minimum delivery is $60. and offer valid for new customers only. Not valid with any other offer, which may or not mean you cannot use offer code EASY7 to get free delivery on your first order.

Register, then shop at Safeway locations in Alaska to earn 100 Alaska Airlines Miles for every $300 you spend.


Peapod This flyertalk thread discusses getting miles or points from a large list of airlines and hotels by buying groceries from Peapod.


Groceries in Alaska Airlines' Markets Register, then shop at Safeway locations in Alaska to earn 100 Alaska Airlines Miles for every $300 you spend.

Alaska Airlines lists SeaMart in Alaska (Sitka) and Sentry in Oregon, and perhaps others, as grocery stores at which you can earn its miles.


Greenpoints and D’Agostino, Foodtown and SHOP 'N SAVE groceries. 10 Greenpoints/$1 spent can be earned at D’Agostino and Foodtown, and SHOP 'N SAVE in Hubbard, OH. I leave it to you to read the details.

Greenpoints can be converted to miles on various airlines. See the Points to Miles section of my Other Programs I Like page for details.


Sobey's (Canada) and Air Canada Aeroplan Sobey's in Canada offers 1 Aeroplan mile / $2 spent at their stores in Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.


Star Markets and Hawaiian Airlines Star Markets in Hawaii offer 1 Hawaiian Airlines mile / $2 spent at their stores.


Hi Lo Food Stores (Trinidad) and Carribean Airlines Caribbean Airlines' Caribbean Miles page says "Trinidad residents earn extra miles when shopping in Hi Lo food stores." Apparently this is via conversion of the store's Smart Shopper points. I have no further information about this.


Gift Cards and Grocery Stores Some grocery stores are now offering gift cards for other merchants. Since the Starwood American Express card essentially gets you 1.25 miles per dollar spent, consider buying the gift card for the merchant you want at the grocery store rather than paying the merchant directly for your purchase.


Other Shopping Loyalty Programs


United Airlines MileagePlus X app How to earn even more United miles while dining and shopping using the MileagePlus X app.


American Airlines and Sam's Club American Airlines miles for joining Sam's Club.


ShopRunner and American Express American Express offers free membership in ShopRunner for as long as you own an eligible American Express card. ShopRunner covers about 80 online stores with free shipping no matter the size of the order and free return shipping, as well as discounts, etc.


Rover and American American Airlines 2,000 bonus American AAdvantage miles and 1 mile per dollar with dog sitting service Rover.


Performing Arts and Sports Tickets Audience Rewards offers United Airlines Miles, American Airlines, or Amtrak points for purchase of performing arts events in an increasing number of cities. Sometimes you can use miles or points to purchase those tickets.

Tickmaster: Earn 3 Delta Airlines SkyMiles per dollar spent at Ticketmaster until August 31, 2019 and 1 SkyMile thereafter.


Tours Viator sometimes offers miles or points for booking tours with them. But when no point are offered, I prefer GetYourGuide, because it usual offers cancellation options, while Viator does not.
Sam's Club and American Airlines miles Sam's club offers 1,500 - 5,000 American Airlines miles for joining. You can see the details in the Terms and Conditions.


Home Improvement programs

Home Hardware, Home Building Centre, Home Hardware Building Centre and Home Furniture offers 1 Air Canada mile/$2 spent.


Wine Programs Many of the airline and points shopping portals list wine offers.

I intend to list non-portal offers, especially those offering bonus miles or points for sign-up.

Minimum price per bottle seems to be around $10 plus shipping. I have no idea if the prices are competitive. I refuse to learn to be a wine connoisseur - too expensive. I would never pay $10 for a bottle of wine. Bulk wine tastes fine to me.

Laithwait's Wine offers miles or points for joining any of its wine clubs. A reader writes "Laithwait's wine is a British owned company and have offered VERY good quality wines for over 40 years, mainly specializing in Bordeaux wines. They only recently in past few years operate in USA."

  • Laithwait's Wine offers British Airways Avios and 3 bonus bottles on 12 wines.
  • Laithwait's Wine offers 2,000 bonus Southwest Airlines points and $100 savings on 12 wines.
  • Laithwaits Wine offers 3,000 jetBlue True Blue points for first purchase, plus 5 points per additional $1 spent.

CLUBW offers 2,500 jetBlue True Blue points on your first Club W wine order, another 1,000 TrueBlue points for every 24 bottles purchased.

Vinesse Wine Clubs offers miles or points for joining any of its wine clubs.

  • Caution: Gary Leff of View from the Wing considers himself to be somewhat of a wine connoisseur. He hates the wines offered by Vinesse. However, a reader writes
    Now I may not be as much of a connoisseur as Gary Leff, but I would consider myself somewhat knowledgeable [enough to know that most 'mom and pop' package stores sell garbage.] Although I prefer Laithwaites selections there is nothing wrong with Vinesse wines. Those who complain about the selections are snobs. Unless Gary got a bad couple of wines I have no idea why he would not like them, unless he only drinks bottles costing more than $100 each. I wonder whether your link to his comments puts people off trying what are good wines at a reasonable prices even without the benefit of airline miles.
  • A reader warns:
    Please warn your fans that the Vinesse wine club initial offer of ca. $43 for box of six wines will be followed by box of 6 for $146 (!). While the wines are good, they are definitely not worth in excess of $20/bottle. They might want to go to and chat about cancelling their accounts.
  • I have no experience with Vinesse.

  • American Airlines: 2,000 miles with your first wine club shipment then 3,000 miles with your second shipment. Ends August 31, 2018, but if is still online, ask.
    • Caution: In one place the offer says shipping included, but a footnote and the terms and conditions say that a $25 delivery charge plus any applicable taxes and surcharges will be added. Surcharges? Be sure the price is right before you agree to pay it.
  • United Airlines: 2,000 miles with your first wine club shipment then 3,000 miles with your second shipment. Also, earn 5 miles/dollar spent
    • Special offer for MileagePlus Premier members and MileagePlus Credit Cardmembers: 2,500 miles with your first shipment, 4,000 miles with your second shipment and 7 miles/dollar spent on all other wine club shipments and orders. Also, a 6-piece wine tote in your third shipment. I see no expiration date for this offer. Please tell me when it is gone or changed. Thanks.
    • Special offer: Same offer as above, except the wine tote is replaced with a One-time pass to United Club. Valid through December 31, 2014, but if is still online, ask.
    • This confusing offer says in one place says you will receive 9,000 miles, and in another place says you will receive 1,500 miles with each 12-bottle American Cellars Wine Club shipment and 5 miles for every dollar spent on all other wine club shipments and orders. Ask. If the 9,000 miles comes in increments of 1,500 miles for each 12 bottles, 108 bottles is a lot of wine. The stated deadline is January 20, 2014, but if it is still online, ask.
  • Alaska Airlines: 2,000 miles with your first wine club shipment then 3,000 miles with your second shipment. Also, earn 5 miles/dollar spent. Valid through March 23, 2017, but it is online after that, call to ask.
  • Delta Airlines: 5 miles/$1 spent
    • Special Offer: 2,000 miles with your first wine club shipment then 3,000 miles with your second shipment, and a 5-piece Cellar Master Wine Tote with your third shipment. Offer ends February 28, 2014, but if it is still online after that, ask.
    • Special offer: 1,500 miles with each shipment, up to 9,000 miles in the first year of membership. Medallion members get 1,500 extra miles—an extra 500 miles with the first shipment and 1,000 miles with the second shipment. Offer ends July 26, 2015, but if it is still online after that, ask.
  • Hawaiian Airlines: 2,000 miles plus 5 miles per dollar spent. 2,000 miles with your first shipment, 3,000 miles with your second shipment and 5 miles for every dollar spent on all other wine club shipments and orders. Offer valid on enrollments to January 6, 2018. If it is still online after that, ask.
  • Spirt Airlines: Member will receive 2,000 miles with their first wine club shipment, 3,000 miles with their second wine club shipment and 5 miles miles per dollar spent on all future wine club shipments and orders, excluding delivery and tax. Expires November 18, 2015, but it it is online after that, ask.
  • IHG Rewards Club 3,000 Rewards points with IHG with your first shipment, plus earn 10 Rewards points/$1 spend with every shipment thereafter. I see no expiration date for this offer. Ask before buying.
  • Hilton HHonors: Earn 4,000 Hilton HHonors™ Bonus Points with your first shipment, 6,000 Bonus Points with your second shipment, plus earn 13 Bonus Points per $1 spent. Good through September 30, 2016, but if is still online after that, ask.
  • Best Western Gold Crown Club: Earn 500 points for EVERY enrollment and 20 points/$1 spent. Click on "read more" for details.
  • Choice Privileges: Earn 2,500 Choice Privileges points with your first wine club shipment, 3,500 Choice Privileges points with your third wine club shipment plus 7 points per dollar spent on all other shipments and orders. Ends December 31, 2012, but it was still online July 3, 2013. Ask.
  • Club Carlson: 5,000 Gold Points with their first shipment, 7,500 Gold Points with their second shipment; a six-piece cellar master wine tote with their third shipment, and 10 Gold Points per dollar spent on all other wine shipments and any wine accessories (excludes shipping, shipping surcharges, and tax). Ends December 31, 2015. If it is still online after that, ask.

The Hawaiian Wine Club offers 100 Hawaiian Airlines miles for each bottle in your Hawaiian Wine Club shipments.

Virgin Wines offers 2,000 Virgin America Elevate points for joining its Virgin Wines Explorers Club.

Barclay's Wine Experience, formerly Beverage Bistro offers Amtrak points for joining and purchases.

  • Special offer: 1,500 points for the first shipment and 1,000 points for every shipment thereafter.

Quintessentially Wine offers 1,000 Avios just for signing up, 1 Avios point/$1 spentand up to 8,000 bonus Avios on your first purchase (Spend $999 or under and earn 3,000 Avios. Spend $1000 or over and earn 8,000 Avios). The program is for North American residents. The offer expires January 31, 2012, but it was still online May 8, 2014. Ask.



Earn 2,000 United Airlines miles for joining a gym. They have offers from Anytime Fitness, Bally Total Fitness, Curves, 24 Hour Fitness, New York Sports Clubs, and more. I no longer see an expiration date for this offer. Please tell me when it changes or disappears. Thanks.


Hawaiian Airlines Off Line Shopping Opportunities Hawaiian Airlines offers 5 bonus HawaiianMiles per dollar when you use your Hawaiian Airlines Visa Cards at any participating HawaiianMiles Supercharged Merchant. There are a large number of these merchants in Hawaii. You can read about the Hawaiian Airlines Credit Card on the Annual Fee Cards page of my Credit Card section.


Alaska Airlines and Folding Kayak Adventures Folding Kayak Adventures offers
  • 1 Alaska Airlines mile/$3 spent on the purchase of a kayak from them.
  • 500 Alaska Airlines miles if you are a current Folding Kayak Adventures customer and you refer a friend who purchases a kayak.
I usually don't list offers of small businesses, but since this one was about Alaska and kayaks, I couldn't resist.


Alaska Airlines Off Line Shopping Opportunities Alaska Airlines lists a huge number of off line merchants in its market area (Alaska, California, Oregon, Washington, Arizona, Idaho, Illinois, Canada, Mexico, and nationwide) who offer its miles for patronizing their businesses. I do not intend to keep up with this list, but it is well worth a look if you live in these areas. Grocery stores, fuel, lodging, and many other types of businesses are listed.


EBay - MyPoints offers EBay offers 100 MyPoints for registering and making your first purchase, and 2 points/$1 spent on eBay purchases. On your MyPoints home page, use the Select by Merchant pulldown menu to find eBay.

You may read about MyPoints and what it has to do with miles on my Click for Miles, Money, and Good Causes page.


Asiana Airlines Off Line Shopping Opportunities Asiana lists a few off line merchants, mostly in Korea, who offer its miles for patronizing their businesses. I do not intend to keep up with this list, but it is worth a look if you live in Korea.


All Nippon Airways Off Line Shopping Opportunities All Nippon Airways lists a off line merchants in Japan who offer its miles for patronizing their businesses.


FlyBuys for Residents of Australia The Fly buys shopping loyalty program for Australia looks very good. It is absolutely free, and offers points for any purchase over $5 at a large number of popular merchants in Australia. Also, you can link a National Credit Card to your Fly buys account and earn points for every purchase. The points you earn are convertible to airline tickets and other goodies, or can by turned into dollar credits to your National Credit Card.

Since the program is free, and its cost is already built into the prices you would pay anyway, there is no reason to not join the program.

There is an ongoing discussion on the Fly buys program on The Australian Frequent Flyer Bulletin Board.


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