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11/1122018 Registration and Other Bonuses American Has New 5000 Mile Flight Awards, inclucing Hawaii For 12,500 Miles
11/12/2018 Credit Cards I can refer you to the following American Express credit cards for extra bonus Membership Rewards points: Click on the links I provided to read about the cards and get the referral. Allowing me to refer you helps me, and never at a cost to you. Thanks.
11/11/2018 Registration and Other Bonuses How Long Do Chase Ultimate Rewards Take to Transfer?
11/10/2018 ?? An Alternate Approach To Traveling To Conservative Countries With A Same-Sex Partner.

Laws Against Gay Travelers In The Middle East?

Thankfully I don't have this problem, but I am most sympathetic and supportive for those who do.

11/10/2018 Buying Stuff Excellent deal for buying luggage at eBags - around 50% savings. If you are using TopCashBack, please use my link to join. However, when I used TopCashBack for eBags a few month ago, I was not credited with the discount, and neither TopCashBack nor eBags would do anything about it. Mr.Rebate$ also offers 20%. That one worked for me. Again, if you use that program, please us my link to join. Compare all cash back portals here.
Using my referral links helps me, always at no cost to you. Thanks.
11/10/2018 Credit Cards Delta Airlines credit cards:
  • The spend requirements for both the standard and business credit cards was reduced to $1,000. Both waive the annual fee for the first year.
  • The standard miles bonus for both cards is still 30,000 miles. The bonus for the personal card to which I can refer you was reduced to 50,000 miles. I can still refer you to the business card for 30,000 miles. These referrals help me at not cost to you. Thanks
  • Click here to read about all of this and to find the appropriate links.
11/10/2018 Registration and Other Bonuses Delta Airlines miles award sale to London. Book by November 14, 2018. Fly January 9, 2019 - March 31, 2019.

American now has an award ticket category called “Economy Web Special”, offering very limited domestic tickets for as low as 5,000 miles. You should see this category when booking an award ticket on line, if it is available for the flight you want. The Points Guy provides a good explanation of the program.

For both of you who are members of the Turkish Airlines miles program: 5x More Status Miles exclusive to the opening of Istanbul Airport. Ends 31 December 2018.

11/9/2018 Registration and Other Bonuses Receive 15% bonus Virgin Air Australia Velocity Points when you transfer your reward points from one of its participating card partners, flybuys or hotels. (Via frequentflyer bonuses)
11/8/2018 Credit Cards American Express added Star Alliance member Avianca to its list of transfer partners. View from the Wing tells us why this is a good thing.

25% bonus through November 30, 2018 for transferring American Express points to Aeromexico. Register here first. Aeromexico is a member of Skyteam.

Remember that you can use miles of an airline member of an alliance to book flights on other airlines within the alliance.

11/8/2018 ?? Enjoy
11/8/2018 Registration and Other Bonuses Register to earn up to 50,000 American Airlines bonus miles for doing various partner activities or for flying on AA through December 31, 2018.
11/6/2018 Registration and Other Bonuses Good Delta Airlines flash sale for domestic miles award tickets. Book by November 12,2017. Fly November 28, 2018 through March 7, 2019.
11/6/2018 Credit Cards Doctor of Credit found an offer of United Airlines 50,000 miles bonus for its credit card. The standard offer is for 40,000 miles.

This flyertalk discussion indicates that there is a 50,000 points offer for the Southwest Airlines Plus card. The standard offer is 40K. The link comes from an in-flight offer. It provides the application page only, which does not mention the offer. But the person who posted the offer says he confirmed that is valid. Start at post #4097

11/5/2018 Buying Stuff Delta Airlines is finally offering bonus miles for purchases at its portals through November 18. Details of all the bonus offers here.
11/4/2018 Credit Cards The standard bonus offers for the Delta Airlines personal and business cards are 30,000 miles + a $50 statement credit. I can refer you to 60,000 miles offers for both, through this Wednesday, November 7. Both waive the annual fee the first year. You will see the expiration date on the referral offer pages, so it is probably trustworthy.
  • Personal card offer: Just ask. Or, perhaps easier, if it works: Click on this link. Then go to the bottom of the page you get, and click on Travel. Find the offer there.
  • Personal card offer: Just ask. Or, perhaps easier, if it works:
    1. Click on this link.
    2. Go to the bottom of the page you get, and click on Travel.
    3. Find the personal card there.
    4. Click on "Continue to the Card Details" for that offer.
    5. Scroll to almost the bottom of the page you get.
    6. Click on "Looking for a Business Card?"
    7. Find the offer on the page you get.
11/4/2018 Registration and Other Bonuses Good Delta Airlines miles award sale for domestic trips. Book by tomorrow. Fly November 27, 2018 - March 7, 2019.
11/3/2018 Registration and Other Bonuses Free Night at a Best Western property for only 10,000 Points (with some restrictions). Best Western has 4 credit card offers with good bonuses.
10/31/2018 ?? Good Delta Airlines miles award ticket sale: Domestic, Europe, Latin America, Asia. Book by November 7, 2018. Available flight dates vary.

Good Delta Airlines miles award sale to Africa. Book by November 7, 2018. Fly January 10, 2019 - March 19, 2019.

Good Air France Flying Blue miles award sale. How about Europe in economy for 16,500 miles? On sale from 1st to 30 November 2018 - Travel period: from 1st January 2019 to 28 February 2019. American Express, Chase, and Citibank points all transfer to Flying Blue.

10/30/2018 ?? Economy Web Specials From American Airlines: OW Flights From 5,000 Miles
10/29/2018 Credit Cards One blogger tells us that the Starwood 100,000 points bonus offer for its business credit card will end "soon". Well, you already know what I think of bloggers saying this - maybe, or maybe not. But this is a good offer. 100,000 points should get you 33,333 miles plus a 5,000 miles bonus on most airlines. Make that 36,666 miles plus the miles for United Airlines. Or, you could use the points for a few nights of stays at Starwood or Marriott properties - nice for recovery from jet lag that first night after arrival.
  • The Starwood personal card is still available with a 75,000 points bonus.
  • For each card, if you have had it before, you can't get it again. But if not had it for at least 7 years, go ahead and try for it. There is some evidence that Amex "forgets" after that time.
10/29/2018 Buying Stuff American, United, Alaska, and Southwest Airlines are offering bonus miles for purchases at their portals through November 18. Seekers of Delta Miles probably should wait a few days to see if they compete. Details of the offers here.
10/28/2018 ?? Amazing Deal Alert: NYC to Nairobi Kenya for $242 Round-Trip Nonstop

Nonstop Flights to Iceland From $200 Round-Trip

10/28/2018 Registration and Other Bonuses Earn up to 1,000 United Miles When Joining BP Driver Rewards. It seems to me that all you have to do is fill out several forms online and then purchase a dollar's worth of gasoline.
10/28/2018 Credit Cards The American Airlines personal credit card offer has changed a bit. 60,000 miles are still available, but you have to spend more money on the card to get them. The 70K and 75K offers are still available for the business card, in spite of what some bloggers have been telling us.

The 40K miles + $200 offer for the American Airlines credit card is available for both the personal and the business cards. And there may be a way to bump this up to 60,000 miles and still keep the $200. Read about all of this here.

Doctor of credit tells us how to get increased 40K AND 60K offers for Avianca's credit cards until December 1, 2018. Avianca is a Star Alliance member, meaning that you should be able to use its miles for award tickets on your choice from a large number of airlines, including United.

Amex Membership Rewards points do not transfer to United Airlines, but United is a Star Alliance member, this allowing you to use the miles of other members to get a UAL flight or one on any other Alliance member. So here are the Best Ways to Redeem Amex Membership Rewards Points on Star Alliance Airlines.

How Long Do Amex Membership Rewards Points Transfers Take?

10/27/2018 Credit Cards The Hawaiian Airlines Business credit card bonus offer from Bank of Hawaii was increased to 60,000 miles. The personal card is still 50,000 miles, but I describe a way you might find a 60K offer.
  • The annual fees for the cards are not waived: $89 for the personal card; $99 for the business one.
  • Round trip tickets to Hawaii start at 40,000 miles, though you might have to be patient and flexible to find one. Tickets for same for more miles are easier to find.
10/27/2018 Registration and Other Bonuses Good Delta Airlines sale to Seoul, South Korea on Delta’s new Premium Select product for only 70,000 SkyMiles roundtrip.
10/26/2018 Registration and Other Bonuses Good Delta Airlines sale for domestic and international tickets. Book by October 31, 2018. Fly dates vary.
10/25/2018 Credit Cards I updated the links to the excellent American Airlines credit card offers. 60K is still available for the personal card. AA lists it at 50K. The 75K and 70K offers for the business card are still available. AA lists it at 70K. The annual fee is waived for the first year for all of these.
10/25/2018 Registration and Other Bonuses Good Delta Airlines sale for domestic tickets. Book by October 31, 2018. Fly November 28, 2018 - March 7, 2019.
10/25/2018 Other Programs I Like The bonuses for joining the Rewards Network (iDine) programs of Delta, American, and United Airlines, and Hilton HHonors were extended. A suggestion: If you dine out frequently, join each program to get the bonuses. Put several credit cards in your first account. After getting the bonus, delete one of them, the register it with another program to get its bonus. Repeat until you have snagged all the bonuses. Yes, you get the usual miles for the spend on the card, plus those you get from Rewards Network.
10/19/2018 Credit Cards Free loan: The CapitalOne Quicksilver card offers 0% interest on purchases for 15 months. It also offers 1.5% cash back on those purchases, a $150 bonus, and has no annual fee.
  • Today I received a $200 cash back offer in the mail. Check for a mailing from CapitalOne.
  • Compare to the many 2% cash back offers I list. The CapitalOne is competitive if you are making a large purchase and would have to borrow money to make it, or would have to pay for that purchase up front with money you could otherwise put in a bank account paying upwards of 2%. (I use Sallie Mae and Ally. The latter has a super offer for which you must sign up today.)
10/19/2018 Credit Cards Despite what some bloggers have told us, the high bonus miles offers for all of the American Airlines credit cards are still available. But, oh, gee, maybe they can no longer earn commissions for them. How sad.
10/17/2018 Finance It has been a long time since stock brokers offered miles for new accounts. But now Chase Sapphire Banking offers 60,000 Ultimate Rewards points for opening an account with $75,000 or more in qualifying new money or securities to a combination of eligible checking, savings and/or investment accounts, and maintain that balance for at least 90 days. Doctor of Credit describes the best way to access this offer.
  • I suggest this account only for the brokerage part of it. It makes no sense to tie up $75,000 in cash at a minuscule rate of interest.
  • The T&Cs say "The Ultimate Rewards bonus points transferred to you under the terms of the Program are considered miscellaneous income received from Chase, and may be reportable to you and the IRS on Form 1099-INT (or Form 1042-S, if applicable) for the year in which the points are posted to your account. You are responsible for any tax liability related to participating in the program." They do not mention that value. This is a deal breaker until they tell us what the 1099 will say. When brokers were offering miles for accounts years ago, they did not send out 1099's for miles. They did send them out for other bonuses. Citi offered miles for new accounts, and did send out 1099s at a ridiculous value of 2.5 cents/mile. I vaguely remember reading something about that being declared illegal, but I am old and my memory is not so good anymore. Please tell me if you have a link to that info. BankDirect does not send out 1099s for its American Airlines bonuses.
  • The new account offer is available online. So is the upgrade account offer.
  • The offer page specifically says you must open a Chase Sapphire checking account. But then it also says that the minimums can be met with transfer of securities. I need someone at Chase to explain this.
  • Customers must have a Chase Sapphire® or Chase Freedom® credit card that is open and not in default at the time of enrollment and at points fulfillment, and be the primary cardmember on the account. If you don't have such a card and are beyond Chase's 5/24 limit on credit cards, I would try to get around this by visiting a Chase branch.
  • One interesting comment on the Doctor of Credit post: "I’m going to put the $75,000 in a 3 month treasury bill with a current rate of 2.26%. The total interest for the 3 months period is $418".
  • Ultimate Rewards points are transferable 1,000:1,000 to many airlines, including United. They can be combined with the points earned from several excellent credit card offers.
10/17/2018 Buying Stuff 500 - 1,000 airlines miles for a $1 subscription to Barron's.
10/17/2018 Registration and Other Bonuses The Delta Airlines Fly South for Winter award ticket sale: Book by Friday, October 24. Fly January 15, 2019 - March 15, 2019. Includes all classes of service. More flights here. Book by Book by Friday, October 19 at 11:59 PM ET. TRAVEL Jan. 15 – Mar. 15, 2019

Delta Airlines award sale for domestic first class tickets. Book by October 23, 2018. Travel November 17, 2018 - November 24, 2018.

10/15/2018 ?? You can now enroll in TSA Pre-check at some Staples stores. $85 now gets you easier screening at airports.
10/15/2018 Credit Cards On 10/7/2018 I told you about how I can refer you to most American Express cards, sometimes getting you a better offer than the standard offer. Of course, you can do referrals too. Just log into your American Express account and look for your referral link. Doctor of credit now says you can earn points by referring yourself to another American Express card if you already hold one. Cool, at least until they catch on and claw back your points and close your account.
10/15/2018 Finance Citibank offers 30,0000 American Airlines AAdvantage® Bonus Miles when you open a new eligible CITI® checking account and complete required activities. I have some cautions. Read about this and find the link to the offer here.
10/13/2018 Credit Cards The American Airlines offer of 50K miles + $200 was reduced to 40K miles + $200. The 60K and 50K offers are still available. One blogger says that the 50K offer will end October 16. This is the one for which he earns a commission. Of course, he does not mention the 60K offer, which is why you read my website, right?
You may read about all of the AA credit card offers here, including the 75K and 70K business card offers, and the competing (and complementary) Barclays Aviator cards.
10/13/2018 Click for Miles, Money, and Good Causes TrafficCam wants your hotel room photos to fight sex trafficking, building a database of hotel room photos they can match those to rooms that appear in ads for women being trafficked. Click on Download to get the app. But this might be of concern for your privacy: In addition, we also collect the GPS coordinate of the device that you used to collect those photographs. We use the GPS coordinate of your device to verify that your photographs were actually taken at the correct hotel. So it tells anyone who has access to the site that you are not home, if the upload must be from the hotel. Perhaps it can be delayed until you get home, if the upload must be from the hotel. Perhaps it can be delayed until you get home, with the location of the photo still attached to it. I will ask.
10/11/2018 Registration and Other Bonuses Register, then convert your hotel points to United Airlines miles by November 30, 2018, to get 30% bonus miles on all points-to-miles transfers, up to 25,000 miles. Includes SPG and Marriott.

Delta Airlines award sale - domestic and Asia. Book by October 18, 2018. Fly domestic November 7, 2018 - March 7, 2019, or Asia October 19 – December 9, 2018.

10/10/2018 Buying Stuff 1,000 American Airlines miles for $1, plus 2 months of the Wall Street Journal. Offer ends October 15, 2018.
10/9/2018 Thank you for not registering to vote. This makes my vote more powerful. I hope you like the government we voters give you. However, if you want to participate, please remember that you must first show up.
10/9/2018 Click for Miles, Money, and Good Causes It takes me less than 3 minutes a day to support the 27 good causes I like, simply by clicking. So go ahead, give it a try. Feels good.
10/9/2018 Credit Cards Spirit Airlines doubled its bonus for its credit card - now 30,000 miles. It eliminated its cash bonus. It reduced the annual fee by $10 (waived the first year).
10/9/2018 Registration and Other Bonuses Delta Airlines award sale for flights to warm places. Book by October 12, 2018. Fly January 15 – March 15, 2019.

Wyndham will match your status with another hotel loyalty program.

Save 30% on Amtrak travel. Book October 9 - 12, 2018. Travel November 27, 2018 - May 22, 2019.

10/7/2018 Credit Cards Until November 7, 2018, I can refer you to the Gold Delta SkyMiles Credit Card from American Express 60,000 miles personal credit card offer. Just ask. The standard offer is 30,000 miles. You may read about the card here. Perhaps easier, if it works: Click on this link. The go to the bottom of the page you get, and click on Travel. Find the offer there.

Actually, I can refer you to most all American Express personal cards, often with better than the standard bonus offers. There is no extra cost to you. For all of them, click on this link. The go to the bottom of the page you get, and click on Travel or Cash Back or any other category of interest. Find the offer there. Here are some of the better ones I have available today, and their expiration dates:

10/7/2018 Finance The Charles Schwab checking account does not earn miles, but I list it first because I think every world traveler should have one. It provides the very best way to obtain foreign currency. You may read about it here.

There are still offers available for debit cards that earn airline miles for using them. I updated my section on these. I added one from Australia.

10/6/2018 ?? Multi-City Flight Planner. This is really interesting. Watch all of the video. SMARTERTRAVEL describes it here. It seems to me this would be useful even for award tickets, as it would be a start on finding the possibilities.
10/6/2018 Credit Cards Contrary to what bloggers have told us, the current 100K standard bonus miles offer for the Intercontinental Hotels Group credit card is still available. Also, the 100K + $50 offer is still alive.
  • 100K should cover two or three expensive nights in Europe or elsewhere, plus you get a fourth night free bonus when you use points to book 4 or more consecutive nights at the same property, a free night each year after paying the annual fee, and valuable Platinum status.
10/5/2018 ?? Aisle seat, please. Safety hazzard?

Something to do during takeoff. and landings. Impress your friends.

Airport Markings And Signs - Aviation Facts - YouTube
NUMBERS and LETTERS on RUNWAY? explained by "CAPTAIN" Joe - YouTube
And a few others I found interesting
WHY do pilots say HEAVY? Wake Turbulence EXPLAINED BY CAPTAIN JOE - YouTube
TAKE-OFF Speeds V1, Vr, V2! Explained by "CAPTAIN" Joe - YouTube
10/4/2018 Registration and Other Bonuses Delta Airlines Skymiles award ticket sale - Domestic, from 5,500 miles. Book by October 8, 2018. Fly October 30, 2018 - March 7, 2019. Also cash sale prices are listed.
10/3/2018 ?? Qatar QSuites Awards Wide Open For Whole Family, World’s Best Business Class. Here are some very interesting things from this article:
  • In general American AAdvantage miles are best for redeeming long haul business class travel on Qatar. American charges 70,000 miles each way for business class between the US and the Mideast or Indian Subcontinent.
  • American also lets you connect in Doha to Africa on Qatar on a single award redemption
  • Connections between Asia and Africa, between Europe and Asia, and between Europe and South Pacific are permitted on Qatar with a single award redemption. These are additional exceptions to American’s usual rule that you cannot fly between two regions via a third region.
10/3/2018 Registration and Other Bonuses Delta Airlines Skymiles award ticket sale - Domestic, Latin America-Caribbean, Asia. Book by October 10, 2018. Fly dates vary.
10/3/2018 Credit Cards A bloggers says that the current 100K standard bonus miles offer for the Intercontinental Hotels Group credit card will probably be reduced today. Another says Friday. The 100K + $50 offer is still alive. I suspect it may also disappear soon, but I have no specific info on this. Grab it while you can.
  • 100K should cover two or three expensive nights in Europe or elsewhere, plus you get a fourth night free bonus when you use points to book 4 or more consecutive nights at the same property, a free night each year after paying the annual fee, and valuable Platinum status.
10/2/2018 Buying Stuff I updated my section on Airline Shopping Portals.
10/2/2018 Registration and other bonuses Another good Delta Airlines sale for award and dollar purchase tickets, this time for domestic tickets from October 30, 2018 through March 7, 2019. Book by October 8.

American Airlines has released its reduced mileage awards list for flights October 1, 2018 – January 31, 2019. The discount varies from 1,000 miles to 7,500 miles depending on the route, the card you have and the class of service.

LoyaltyLobby lists quite a few bonus points offers for stays. One is for meeting planners.

10/2/2018 Credit Cards A usually reliable blogger says that the mega miles offers for the American Airlines business credit cards will end October 8. This usually means the offer will actually end then or a few days from then. But sometimes it means only that the blogger will no longer earn commissions for the card. We shall see.
10/1/2018 Buying Stuff United Airlines shopping bonus for purchases at its portal: 500 bonus miles when you spend $150; 1,500 miles when you spend $350. October 1-15, 2018.

Alaska Airlines shopping bonus for purchases at its portal: 500 bonus miles when you spend $150 October 1 - 22, 2018.

I would wait a few days to see what the competition offers.

9/30/2018 Registration and Other Bonuses Register by October 15, 2018, to receive 5X Lufthansa flight miles for its economy class tickets between Europe and the U.S. and Canada between January 1 and March 31, 2019. Lufthansa is a member of the Star Alliance.
9/29/2018 Registration and Other Bonuses Alaska Airlines will match your status with another airline.
9/29/2018 ?? Children in the 4th grade can get a free pass to National Parks for them and their families. 4th grade teachers can do this for their students, too. Details.
9/29/2018 Credit Cards The Hawaiian Airlines business credit card offer has been increased to 50,000 miles. 3X miles for Hawaiian Airlines purchases and 2X miles for gas, dining and office supply store purchases were added. The personal card also offers 50K miles. You should be able to get both. You may read about these here. Note that Hawaiian's award chart indicates that you can get a round trip to Hawaii for 40,000 miles.

Club Carlson has changed its name to Radisson Rewards. It now offer four credit cards - three personal cards with 85K, 65K, and 30K points bonuses with annual fees of $75, $50, and 0$ respectively, and with various points for spending, and one business card with an 85K bonus and annual fee of $60.

Choice Privileges has added an extra 32,000 points for additional spending to its standard 32K offer. Details. (Via FrequentMiler)

9/27/2018 Credit Cards Get 30% or 50% more Hilton Honors Points when you transfer Membership Rewards points through November 30, 2018. Log in to see your offer.
9/27/2018 Registration and Other Bonuses Register to earn double British Airway Avios for paid flights. No reason not to, just in case. Register, book and fly by 31 December 2018.
Maximum 10 qualifying flights. A Qualifying flight is either a one-way (single sector) or a return flight (two sectors) between the point of departure and final destination with no scheduled change of aircraft that must be booked after the Member has registered. Members can receive double Avios on up to 10 single sector Qualifying Flights. A Qualifying flight is (i) a BA prefix on any selling class (excluding Reward flights) or cabin on any BA operated service, or (ii) a BA prefix on a transatlantic flight operated by British Airways (BA), American Airlines (AA), Iberia (IB) or Finnair (AY) between the Europe and North America. The promotion also applies to travel on domestic flights within the UK and Southern Africa (operated by Comair), Sunnair and CityFlyer. Any other flights operated by any other BA franchises, codeshare partners or oneworld Alliance members will not qualify, and (iii) any flight included as part of a British Airways Holiday package
9/27/2018 Click for Miles, Money, and Good Causes Swagbucks had (and may still have) both visa and Amazon $25 gift cards on sale. The former was for 2,175 bucks; the latter was for 2,250. Both were digital. I bought the former and used it to buy a $25 Amazon gift card, saving 75 bucks.
Swagbucks is a very easy way to earn a few bucks without doing much of anything. You may read about it here.
9/27/2018 ?? Another good Delta Airlines award ticket sale:
  • Domestic starting at 10,000 miles round trip. Purchase by October 3, 2018. Fly October 24, 2018 - March 7, 2019.
  • Latin America and Caribbean starting at 32,900 round trip. Fly January 15 – April 15, 2019.
Today Only: East Coast Amtrak Sale, Including Acela, From $19 One-Way
9/25/2018 ?? Top 10 Airplane Things You Don't Know The Purpose Of. Interesting. And yes, English majors, even though I majored in Math, I know not to use a preposition to end a sentence with. But that is the title of the post.
9/25/2018 Credit cards I post a 32,500 miles offer for the Alaska Airline personal credit card. You need the name and employee ID of an Alaska Airline employee for this one. Perhaps if you are at an airport anyway, find and employee there. Or maybe an employee you speak with on the phone for any reason might give this to you.
  • I think the 30K offer plus $100 offer is better, if can still be found.
9/25/2018 Registrataion and Other Bonuses Save 25% on the Qantas Points+ required for Economy Classic Flight Rewards* worldwide on Qantas, Jetstar and Emirates operated flights with a 'QF', 'JQ' or 'EK' flight number. Book by 11.59pm (AEST) 28 September 2018. Travel between 14 October 2018 and 29 August 2019 on Qantas and Emirates or between 14 October 2018 and 30 June 2019 on Jetstar. Details. Starwood/Marriott points transfer to Qantas.
9/24/2018 ?? Your Guide to Airline Stopover Programs. Very interesting, but I don't know if this applies to award tickets.
9/24/2018 Shopping The Intercontinental Hotels Group Points Break page is alive for or booking through November 30th, 2018. There are stays available worldwide, starting at 5,000 points. Remember that most reservations can be canceled (check to be sure), so if you are not quite sure, you probably should book it anyway. Do this sooner rather than later - when they run out, they run out.
9/23/2018 Shopping Buy or lease a new MINI at participating dealers in Alaska, Washington, Oregon or California by December 31 and earn 25k,000 Alaska Airlines miles. Restrictions apply. Details. I would negotiate the best price with the miles offer, then ask what what the price would be if I were to forgo the miles.
9/20/2018 Registration and Other Bonuses Here are two excellent articles on how to save mega United Airlines miles if you are taking more than one Star Alliance trip. These require careful study - you may have to read them several times to understand the technique. But they are worth you time and patience, I think.
9/20/2018 Credit cards Bloggers are saying that the last day for the 100K IHG credit card offer is October 4.
  • We don't know if this date is for the commissionable offer for the bloggers, or for all of us. We shall see.
  • We don't know if this date is also for the one with the same 100K plus $50 statement credit.
  • I suspect that the 80K offer with a lesser spend requirement will survive, but I don't know this for sure.
  • Click here to read about all of this and to find the links you need.
JetBlue credit cards:
  • I link to a 50,000 points business card. Previously it was 40K.
  • My link to the 15K free personal card still works, even though it is listed as 10K on the websites of Barclays and JetBlue.
  • The annual fee personal card offer is still 40K
9/17/2018 Registration and Other Bonuses Register, then book and stay one night at a Radisson property by December 28, 2018 and earn 15,000 bonus points at any of its more than 1,100 properties.
9/17/2018 ?? Another good Delta Airlines aware sale, this time domestic and to Latin America, Caribbean, and Shanghai. Book by September 26, 2018. And another to and from Los Angeles - book by Sept 16, fly October 15 – November 16 and November 26 – December 13, 2018. And still another, domestic from 5,000 miles - book by September 25, 2018, travel October 30, 2018 through March 7, 2019.

Transatlantic Business Class From $650 One Way

9/17/2018 Credit Cards I can now refer you to the Hilton American Express credit card with a 100,000 points bonus for spending $1,000 on it in 3 months. The standard offer is 75k, and there is a 75K + $100 offer. I can also refer you to 150,000 points offers for more expensive (with more benefits) Ascend or Aspire cards. Note than my referral will get you an extra 25,000 points for the Ascend card. Read about all of this and get the referrals you need here.
9/16/2018 Credit Cards We may be able to find increased offers for the Hilton personal American Express card - a $100 credit, or 100,000 points. Read here.
9/16/2018 Credit Cards The 40% Membership Rewards transfer bonus to British Airways or Aer Lingus Avios offer I told you about could get you to Ireland for only 10,000 MR points each way.

I list the Capital One SavorOne and Savor Cash Rewards Credit Cards for those who dine out or purchase entertainment frequently (3% or 4% cash back) and those who would like a free loan for 15 months (the SavorOne offers 0% interest on purchases and balance transfers, though the latter has a 3% fee). Also good cash bonuses for getting the card ($150 or $500), and 2% cash back for grocery stores. The SavorOne has no annual fee; the Savor waives the fee the first year. Neither charges for foreign transactions.

9/16/2018 Registration and Other Bonuses Register by January 7, 2019, earn points for paid stays between September 26, 2018 and January 31, 2019, at all Marriott properties.
I always register for these, even if I have no intention of actually paying money for such a stay. An airline might pay for a stay there if it bumps me or tour company might put me up there. Sometimes I can get points for this.
9/15/2018 ?? Flights to Southeast Asia From $394 Round-Trip. So save your miles for something else.
9/15/2018 Credit Cards 40% Membership Rewards transfer bonus to British Airways or Aer Lingus Avios. 1,000 points > 1,400 Avios through November 15, 2018.

The bonus for getting the Korean Airlines credit card was increased to 30,000 miles after spending $3,000 within first 90 days. A couple of categories for 2X miles for spending were added.

9/14/2018 Registration and Other Bonuses Click here to see if you are eligible for the United Airlines Mile Play offer. I got one that says Book and take a trip in a premium cabin 3 times by October 31, 2018 to get 93,000 bonus award miles. I received no notice of this offer, yet it seems I am eligible for it.
9/14/2018 ?? Good Delta Airlines award sale: Domestic and Latin America. Book by September 19, 2018. There is even one to Alaska.

Anther Delta Awards sale, this time to and from Los Angeles. Book by September 16, 2018.

9/12/2018 Other Programs I Like IHG Business rewards offers a Booker Bonus of 50% EXTRA IHG® Rewards Club points for booking a meeting with them between September 1 and November 30, 2018, for meetings, events and stays taking place from September 1, 2018 to February 28, 2019. Business owners: Take a look at my Business Programs section for earning extra miles and points.
9/12/2018 Registration and Other Bonuses Register to earn 2X points on Amtrak® trips September 17 – November 17, 2018.
9/11/2018 Credit Cards The standard bonuses for the Hilton American Express cards were increased - 75,000 points for the personal card, and 125,000 points for the business card. The spend requirement for the business card was reduced to $3,000. For that card, try doing a dummy booking on Hilton's website first for and extra $50 credit (don't log in).
9/11/2018 ?? Lufthansa award sale: Round-trip long-haul business starting at 55,000 miles. Economy between U.S. cities and Europe for 30,000 miles round-trip. But this is on Lufthansa metal, so beware of high fees. Book by September 30. Valid for travel between January 1 and February 15, 2019. You can transfer your Marriott/SPG points to Lufthansa.
9/10/2018 ?? US to Iceland From $169 Round-Trip.

Good deal: US to Mexico for 12,000 Delta Airlines miles round trip. Travel Dates: September-November. Purchase by September 12

9/10/2018 Credit Cards I posted alternate offers for the Starwood personal and business cards - fewer points, but a $100 statement credit after your first SPG or Marriott Rewards purchase on the Card within the first 6 months. I would grab (and have grabbed)any Starwood cards I can get before Starwood merges into Marriott.
9/9/2018 Other Programs I Like The IHG - Rewards Network (iDine) new member bonus was extended. If you dine out, be sure your credit cards are registered with an airline or hotel Rewards Network dining program.

I added another Australian blog to my list of blogs I like.

9/9/2018 ?? Award Flights to Europe From 24,000 Delta Miles Round-Trip
9/8/2018 Registration and Other Bonuses 750 Bonus Air Canada Aeroplan Miles with an Economy fare. Register and book by October 3, 2018, for travel until December 14, 2018.
9/8/2018 ?? From $199 Round Trip to Iceland from many US Cities via WOW Air
9/8/2018 Credit Cards Alaska Airlines added a free companion ticket to both its 30,000 and 32,500 business credit card offers. This makes the $75 annual fee much more palatable.
9/7/2018 ?? Good Delta Airlines award sale. Domestic, Europe, Latin America, Soul, Australia, Caribbean. Book by September 12, 2018.

Business class to Australia/New Zealand for 120,000 miles round trip.

9/6/2018 ?? Good Air France/KLM award sale. Book by September 30 for travel November 1 - December 31 2018. Miles transfer from American Express Membership Rewards and Chase Ultimate Rewards and maybe your hotel points.
9/6/2018 Credit Cards I added a link to an offer for the United Airlines business credit card that ads a $50 statement to the standard 50,000 miles offer. But first check out possibly better offers.

If you recently accepted the IHG 80K offer, Travel with Grant says you can successfully send Chase a secure email requesting the 100K + $50 offer. In my experience, this option has always been available (but not well advertised) for about 30 (maybe 60) days after you successfully get a credit card offer from Chase and then see a better one.

Log into your American Express Membership Rewards account to find a 10% bonus for transferring points to Cathay Pacific. Milenerd says the bonus you see might be up to 30%. View from the Wing tells us why this might be useful.

9/5/2018 ?? Deal Alert: Award Flights to Hawaii From 19,000 Delta Airlines Miles Round-Trip. No info on how long this will last.

Hawaiin Airlines discounted flight awards are available to Hawaiian Airlines® Mastercard® cardmembers, and Pualani Platinum, Pualani Gold, and Premier Club Members Travel on Hawaiian Airlines using Hawaiian Air miles. Discounted Awards are available online for select Neighbor Island (7,500 miles) and North America (17,500 miles) flights, based on availability. See my section on Hawaiian Airlines credit cards to find how easy it is to get those miles.

9/5/2018 Credit Cards There is an improved 32,500 miles offer for the Alaska Airlines business card. The standard offer is 30,000 bonus miles. See also the better offer for the personal card.
9/5/2018 Registration and Other Bonuses Washington state residents can register to earn one Delta Airlines mile for every yard the Seahawks throw on the field at both home and away games during the 2018 NFL Season. I wonder how Alaska Airlines will respond to this. Washington residents: Please tell me. Thanks.
9/3/2018 Registration and Other Bonuses Register for Double Points plus additional opportunities to earn even more. Stay at any IHG® hotel from 16 September to 16 December to earn Double Points on every stay, up to 15,000 points total, starting after your second stay.

New members of the Marriott program can earn either a free stay or bonus points for joining and staying. Read about this here. So if you have a Starwood account, but not a Marriott one, consider accepting one of these offers before they combine the accounts.

9/3/2018 ?? Amazing $63 Fare From the US to Europe With Cheap Deals from New York/DC/Boston.

How to earn Avios when flying United Airlines – at higher rates than BA for Economy.

9/3/2018 Gary's Cheap Travel Hints Many years ago we used hostels for lodging. We still might do this if the hostel is really special. (Places like the Yosemite Bug Hostel come to mind.) Hosteling can be really fun. We met lots of interesting people, mostly but not all, young. These are the very same people I hope to reach with this website. The New Zealand hostels were especially enjoyable.

The quality of hostels has mostly improved over the years. Here is an article on Swanky & Affordable American Hostels to give you an idea of what might currently be available in the U.S.

My page Gary's Cheap Travel Hints > Cheap Lodging was written in those years ago days and has not been updated since, and probably will not be in the future. But most of the listings should still be good, or should give you a good idea on what to search for when looking for cheap lodging (hostels and other) world wide.

9/3/2018 Credit Cards Cathay Pacific increased its initial bonus for its personal credit card to 40,000 miles, but eliminated the bonus for spending an additional $7,500,
9/2/2018 Credit Cards After you get the Hyatt credit card (60K offer currently), you can earn points for referring others to it - 10,000 points per successful referral, up to 50,000 points max.

I fixed the link to the Wyndham 45K offer for its credit card.

9/1/2018 Credit Cards Citibank offers a 75,000 miles bonus its American Airlines business card if you spend $5,000 on it in the first 5 months. Compare to the same card with a $4,000 spend requirement, and to all the other cards with AA bonuses.

Barclalys now offers 60,000 miles for its American Airlines Avaiator business card, matching its offer for its personal card. Compare to the other American Airlines cards. I see the potential for an easy 245,000 miles here, which should get you to wherever you want to go, and back.

Doctor of Credit tells us how we might find a 75,000 miles offer for the United Airlines business credit card. The standard offer is 50K.

Doctor of credit says you can get a 75,000 points offer for the Hilton personal card and a 125,000 points offer for its business card by making a dummy booking. Also, each offers a $50 statement credit. The standard offers are for 50,000 and 100,000 points respectively, though you may ask me for a referral to a 65K offer for the personal card. Read about all of this here.

Chase Ultimate Rewards points can now be transferred to JetBlue. Of course, there are many other transfer partners, my favorite being United. Alas, Korean Air has been dropped from the list.

Ultimate Rewards points are earned via certain chase credit cards. The bonuses for these are some of the best in the business.
9/1/2018 Registration and Other Bonuses Register, then stay 2 nights at different Choice Hotels properties with arrival between September 12 2018 and November 9, 2018, to receive enough points for a third night.

Register to earn 2X or 3X points for paid Hilton stays September 10, 2018, through January 3, 2019.

8/31/2018 Credit Cards Doctor of Credit found a link to the Virgin Atlantic 90,000 miles bonus offer for its credit card. The standard offer is 20K.
8/31/2018 ?? 20% savings for United Airlines award ticktets. Book by September 7, 2018, for travel between September 17, 2018 and April 30, 2019.

Super Delta Airlines award sale, domestic, Hong Kong, Australia, Europe, Latin America, and the Caribbean. Book by September 5, 2018.

Delta miles have had a terrible reputation for its usual super expensive awards. But every once in awhile, especially recently, they offer super deals for your miles. So the miles are well worth collecting. For example, recently we snagged the best business class seats I have flown for San Francisco to Hanoi via Taipei for 90,000 miles plus $10 on China Air.
8/29/2018 ?? I have just returned from a really good trip to England, Wales, Ireland, and Scotland, including a 10 day cruise on a small Grand Circle Cruise Lines ship (around 90 passengers) visiting tiny islands near the coasts of England, Wales, and Scotland. This was not your usual cruise with thousands of passengers and wherein the focus is on the ship. They kept us very busy with very interesting land tours, plus very interesting talks and entertainment on the ship from locals. The food and service on board were excellent. We did before and after explorations on our own (London and Edinburgh. Grand Circle caters to folks over 50, as does its smaller trip sized (16 people max) Overseas Adventure Travel subsidiarity. The latter is one of my favorite tour companies (10 trips so far), and the Grand Circle Cruise line has earned very high marks from me. Both companies always have excellent guides and trip managers. On the cruise, we were divided into grops of around 20 people each. Except for meals, we were kept out of each other's way throughout the trip. My only advice is to avoid greedy British Airways. The business class flights were fine, but the fees were amazing. If you book on either tour companies' tours, mention my name, Gary Steiger, for a discount on your first trip with them (at least $100).

Below is my first attempt at catching up on offers for this website (all posts labeled with today's date). Please remember that I am tired and jet lagged (8 hours), so I request your patience. Thanks. Give me a week or so to get truly caught up.

8/29/2018 Credit Cards The new American Airlines MileUp credit card. No annual fee. 10,000 miles plus a $50 statement credit for a $500 spend requirement. 2X miles on groceries and on American Airlines purchases. Compare to the other American Airlines cards which have much higher miles bonuses.

I can now refer you to a 15K American Express Everyday Card offer, and to the 75K Starwood personal card offer. See my write-ups for these.

If you are having difficulty with the Starwood - Marriot merger, call 800-535-4028. When I did so today, I found out that I have a new Starwood number, and that in order to merge the accounts, the names on both must be exactly the same.

8/29/2018 Registration and Other Bonuses JetBlue 20% discount on award tickets booked today only, for flights September 17–November 6, 2018, not on Friday and Sunday.

Register by October 15, 2018, to earn bonus points for paid stays at Hyatt properties September 1 - November 30, 2018.

Register for bonus points for paid stays at Hilton properties September 10, 2018 - January 3, 2019.

Thanks to BoardingArea for donating the web space for this web site.